Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Change of plans and lists of things

 - I had to cancel my NYC trip this week, but I'm donating the funds I would have put toward travel to Wooftown Rescueand I am just plain giddy about it! They do such amazing things for dogs in need! I can't wait tell you more about them and the beautiful dogs they save (like Liza!).

 - This little guy showed up while I was doing some yard work the other day.  I, of course, stopped what I was doing to go take some high def video of him cleaning himself with his "paws" like a cat.  It's still on my camera (I know you're totally dying to see it, right?).  

 - It has occurred to me that there's a reason my yard is a mess.

 - Since Stella & the cat are both afraid of storms, I thought maybe encouraging them to cuddle together would solve the problem.  

 - The cat gave me some serious hard stares.

 - And then she bit me.

 - Most stories about the cat can end with "and then she bit me."

 - Or "and then she puked."

 - I have been a writing machine lately.  

 - I just discovered that three seasons of Felicity are on Netflix Watch Instantly.

 - I have been listening to Chris Pureka so much that it feels strange when I'm not listening to Chris Pureka.  

 - Remember how in STAY Van gets all upset because she wanted a red toaster and Janie told her it was tacky so she didn't buy it?  Our toaster started smoking recently (it had already stopped toasting things one side), so I used it as an excuse to buy a red one.  I like to think Van would be proud.

- If she were real.

- I swear I know Van's not real.  But the toaster makes me happy.

 - I did an event at Present Tense Books last week and the ladies in the book club felt very motherly toward Van, wishing they could have given her sound advice and helped her stick up for herself.  I wanted to hug all of them.  It was such a fun event and I am so glad I got the chance to visit Present Tense.  It is an awesome bookstore!  They have an unbelievably wide selection of new books and an upstairs room full of used books that they call the Past Tense room.  If you live near Batavia, NY, you have to go.  It's a cool cool place full of kindred spirits.  


Jen said...

Liza is ADORABLE! Love the red toaster- never seen such a thing! I could dig one of those- and I don't even like red!

I really had every intention of naming Airlie "Savannah" and calling her Van- it's all I've wanted to name a dog ever since I read your book. I still wish I hadn't let my husband of the "I have a girl in my class named Savannah and I can't stand her! If you name our new dog that I will never be able to like it!" or my mom of the "Your neighbor's daughter and your sister's former sister-in-law are both named Savannah and neither of them are very nice people." talk me out of it.

Someday, someday...

Andi said...

So sorry you had to cancel your NYC trip. I hope all is well. Liza has the sweetest face!

What is that, a Praying Mantis, woman?!

It was a nice thought trying to get Stella & the cat to snuggle. Sorry the cat bit you. If it makes you feel any better, the new kitten is a psycho. I exhaled while holding him & he though I was hissing, so he turned around & latched on to my face. It was super.

Red toaster = awesome. And Van would be proud. :)

Present Tense sounds like an awesome place! I love the Past Tense room. That is so clever! I would love to own a bookstore someday.

Crystal Lee Patriarche said...

You do great things for animal rescue! Can't wait to hear more about Liza and what you'll be doing and how I can help, thanks Allie!

The Modern Gal said...

Ooo, thanks for the heads up about Felicity on Netflix.