Friday, October 14, 2011

Stella is not amused

I woke up this morning with a little excess energy, and maybe I had a little more coffee than usual.  Plus, it's fall.  The dogs definitely have what Bark Magazine calls the "zoomies," because the air is crisp and clear.  And I think I might have the zoomies a bit myself.

So, this morning, after J left for work, I cranked up The Cure and jumped in the shower and was possibly singing very loudly, and possibly also singing all the instrumental parts in addition to the lyrics and having a grand old time doing so . . . until I got out of the shower and found Stella, lying on the bathroom floor with a look on her face that can best be described as bewildered.

Once she realized I was not having some sort of fit, she sighed and got up and left the room and I swear she shook her head at me as she left.  Okay, so maybe she didn't shake her head, but I felt her disapproval.  It hung heavy in the air.

I don't know where she gets off acting all high and mighty.  If I spent the majority of yesterday afternoon rolling around on my back in the yard, I might not be so quick to pass judgement on the goofball activities of others.  She really needs to cut me some slack.  No one sounds normal when they're singing The Cure.  No one.  Not even you.

What's on your playlist today?


Kim said...

I can be very obnoxious when singing to Boston or Journey very loudly and off key. I guess I just gave away my age. Not sure how my animals feel about it, but family members beg me to stop.

Allie said...

Well, that's just plain ridiculous! There's absolutely NOTHING obnoxious about singing Boston. Ever. :)

Jen said...


courtney said...

Stella's just jealous because she lacks the capacity to sing. Definitely. :)

The Modern Gal said...

I cannot figure out my dogs' taste in music. I was singing the Golden Girls theme to them the other day, and they stalked out of the room. The nerve!

Both of mine have the zoomies right now too! i love watching it.