Thursday, June 7, 2012


I have a massive knot in my shoulder. At my last appointment, my physical therapist gave me a tennis ball and showed me how to use it to work the knot out.

 I had to hide the ball in my purse when I brought it into the house so Argo wouldn't see it.

Someone told me the glue they use to put fuzz on tennis balls is bad for doggie teeth, so Argo has fuzz-free rubber balls instead. I hung my purse on the back of a chair in the kitchen, and a few minutes later noticed him sniffing it with interest. Even though he hasn't played with a tennis ball in years, he still remembers the smell.

So now my tennis ball is hidden on a top shelf in the closet. I work on the knot in my shoulder behind closed doors. When I'm done with my exercises and go out to face Argo again, I try to keep my expression neutral while he searches my face for clues with his big brown eyes.

I hope he can't smell tennis ball on my shirt. I hope he doesn't know I'm hiding this from him.

I feel so guilty.

But my shoulder is getting better.


Neil said...

And why can't you use a non fuzz ball? Is there something special about the tennis ball?

Allie said...

The non-fuzz balls we have don't seem to have the right density. They're too squishy to get the job done. I suppose I could go shopping and try to find the right kind. But I'd still probably want to hide it in the closet to keep it from getting all slobbery.

Broccoli Mama said...

I recently found out tennis balls aren't good for dogs. I tried to donate a basket-full of tennis balls to the local dog shelter. (My husband is the tennis buff in the family). The shelter refused them stating their harm. What do I do with all those tennis balls now?

Glad your shoulder is better and that's why you shouldn't feel guilty.

Amy said...

I can't leave any hard copy books laying around near my dog. She loves the smell of the glue along the book spines. She'll gnaw on that like nobody's business (RIP Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows). What's funny is that she doesn't chew on ANYTHING else.

Glad to hear the tennis ball is helping you out, despite having to be super stealthy ninja around Argo!