Monday, February 23, 2009

A little cross-blog promotion

EnviroVogue is giving away three reusable bags over at my other blog, Allie's Answers. You should enter. The bags are adorable. They are made through fair trade labor practices, and the fabric used to make them comes from recycled soda bottles.


Courtney said...

If I leave a comment here in addition to my comment on Allie's Answers, do I get another chance to win? They're so cute!

JMS said...

Oh - those are so wonderful! I picked the one with the leaves. It's my favorite!

Thanks for sharing this - what a fun opportunity!

♥ JMS @ Random Ramblings

JMS said...

Did anyone win this yet??? :)


Allie said...

Yesterday, I announced the winners. But EnviroVogue was so happy with the contest that they decided to extend a discount to Allie's Answers readers -