Monday, April 26, 2010

"And you'll always know your neighbor, you'll always know your pal..."

Lately, the days have been going by way too fast. I swear it should be last Wednesday instead of this Monday. And I've been meaning to write to you about oh so many things, so here's one of my big messy list posts.
  • STAY sold in Poland! It's so amazingly cool to think that something I wrote will be published in four languages other than English. I'm not sure I can quite get my head around it. (Mrs. X can suck it!)
  • I have a Facebook page for the book now, and have some event dates up!
  • Shanna convinced me that when I do book events, I should actually, you know, wear decent clothes. AND she helped me pick out said decent clothes AND helped me talk through different options for wearing said decent clothes beyond the dressing room. So it's possible that if you come to one of my book events, you might see me wearing accessories in addition to clothes that aren't yoga pants. Shanna is brilliant (and not afraid to tell someone when the dress is wearing them). I actually enjoyed shopping, which is a monumental feat.
  • Argo had two cysts biopsied last week, but they came back clear. They're just cysts. I tried to put it out of my head completely while we waited for the results. As soon as I knew he was okay, I realized how worried I'd been, and had that whole overwhelmed after the fact feeling. Goodness, I love that dog. And goodness, our vet is awesome! She rushed the results along and called me herself to let me know he was okay.
  • Taking Argo and Stella to the vet at the same time is not for the faint of heart. Argo wants to say hi to everyone. Stella wants all dogs to stay away from Argo and her people, and is VERY verbal about it. Argo wants to jump on the exam table (even when it's not his turn) and Stella just wants to go home.
  • He may look tough, but our boy Argo SCREAMS when the vet tech even gets near his toenails with a clipper. I thought she'd cut his toe off, but she'd barely even cut the nail. It's embarrassing.
  • I question the wisdom of men who will comment loudly on the posterior of a woman walking a one-hundred and five pound German Shepherd (even if he's a baby about his toenails, because they don't know that). Don't you?
  • We got our bikes tuned up and had an amazing time riding on the canal path this weekend.
  • I get the Erie Canal song stuck in my head every time we ride on the canal path. Low bridge, everybody down . . . It's a growing up in New York State thing.
  • J and I are on a Buffy kick. Well, more accurately, I'm on a Buffy kick, and J loves me enough to tolerate it. I'd seen an episode here and there, but never watched them all in order. Makes much more sense this way. You can see how Buffy was a step in the process to writing one of the best scifi shows ever (and you can see how I'm incapable of doing anything without thinking about how writing figures in).
  • I read somewhere that the guy who plays Zander was supposed to play Malcom Reynolds. And Nathan Fillion had been considered for the role of Angel. It's interesting to think about how different those shows would have been.
  • I was going to tell you about how J and I briefly considered making margaritas out of lime popsicles this weekend, but it is apparently past W-A-L-K time and someone isn't letting me forget it.


Noelle said...

When in doubt, wear black. It's what all the writers do. And if you had any free time, I'd recommend catching some episodes of "What Not to Wear."

And I love Buffy.

mudnessa said...

I just can't see Nicolas Brendan as Cap't Mal. Fillion as Angel I can see though and think it could have worked out.

Glad Argo is healthy. We had a little dog that had seizures and we had to take her to an emergency vet once. She got some sort of shot in her thigh, she cried so loud. She then proceeded to wimper and hobble around. The tech said it was not a fun shot and she'd be fine, 10 minutes later we had stopped chuckling and the tech was looking a little worried. The tech opened a door to get a Dr and the dog snapped out of it with a, "Oooo look a door opened, I'm done milking this I want to go there now!" Dogs can be so funny with their over reacting.

courtney said...

I'm so glad Argo's biopsies came back clear! I know that's a huge relief for you. Also, I will BUY you something to wear if that will convince you to come to Atlanta on your book tour. :)

Willow said...

I learned to love Buffy because my daughters did. And now that I'm addicted to Bones, I still 'see' Angel when Booth appears on the screen.

About You Mean I'm Not Crazy... I bought that book for my oldest son; it was a great help to him as was ADD: A Different Perception.

The Modern Gal said...

And now I have the Erie Canal song in my head :)

My Lucydog is a wimp about everything, but the vet is one place where she is cooperative. I wish I knew the secret.

Mickey said...

Come to Atlanta! Sign some books!

We always wonder what our favorite shows and movies would have been like if someone else had gotten the part. But maybe David Boreanaz and Nathan Fillion were actually just so-so in their respective parts, and the people passed over for the roles would have really set the screen on fire. We'll never know.

Freddie Prinze, Jr. would have knocked either one out of the park.

WendyCinNYC said...

Woo hoo! Poland!

Exciting news.

Nicole said...

Try taking 3 dogs to the vet at once...a Rhodesian Ridgeback, Border Collie and Australian Cattle dog! I should probably put it on my resume since I am using so many skills at once. :)

And by the way I LOVE Buffy. I have seen all the episodes but I can watch them over and over again and its great.

Moni said...

my mom's male puppy freaked out a little about getting his claws clipped too. I thought it was funny. He's a sensitive little guy :)

karinajean said...

it is TOTALLY a NYS thing. And a north-of-westchester-county NYS thing at that.

Rachel Elizabeth said...

Happy to hear your puppy is okay. And Buffy (Angel and Firefly) are all sort of amazing.

Michelle said...

I never really cared for the guy who played Xander. And I probably would not have enjoyed Firefly so much if he had been Mal.

And I don't see them making Fillion's face menacing enough to be a vampire. But that's just me! Haha.

Glad to hear that Argo is healthy! And yes, that mans intelligence is certainly questionable.

A Free Man said...

Congrats on the Polish sale! You've got to be thrilled about international success.

I listened to a "This American Life" recently that had a story about the Erie Canal. HIL-arious. I can't remember which episode, but if I can find it I'll send it your way.

Brenda said...

I had to laugh at your Erie Canal song..that is SUCH a growing up in NYS that my non-NY friends just can't understand. The song brings a smile to my face every time I think of it (and, yes, I can sing all the lyrics anytime, anywhere), thank you for the smile :)