Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Quick, give me another song!

The other day, my sister-in-law posted on my Facebook wall that we were at the final countdown for the book and now I can't stop singing Europe.

We are so close, I can taste the grape Kool-Aid (which, after writing STAY, I will never be able to drink again, by the way).

I am also so completely overwhelmed (in a good way) by the support from all of you. This week marks the start of my blog tour, and it's been so amazing to get to answer questions and read posts by bloggers I know and love. THANK YOU!!!! Things don't ever feel quite real until you can share them with friends, and now, finally, it's all starting to sink in.

Holy crap! I wrote a book. :)

Here are some links, blog tour and otherwise, where STAY has been showing up. I'll be posting every day this week with updates as to my whereabouts online. Since I didn't post links yesterday, there's a one day delay on post links (if you're interested in the minute technical details of my link posting methodology).

Also, my co-Greenists have made it STAY week at The Greenists, and in honor of Van's penchant for the junkiest of junk food, NPW put up a recipe for organic pop rocks yesterday. Seriously! You knew NPW was awesome, but did you know she could make pop rocks?

If you're a writer, don't forget to enter the query letter contest.

And if you have the cure for singing Europe non-stop, please leave it in comments.


courtney said...

Great -- now not only am I singing "The Final Countdown" in my head, I'm also doing the Gob dance from Arrested Development.

Once again, Stay = awesome. :)

mudnessa said...

At first I was just singing "The Final Countdown" in my head but now there is the visual of Gob in my head too. This is contagious, a Gob Final Countdown outbreak! :p

larramiefg said...

Allie, aren't you missing a link? ;) Book giveaway deadline is tomorrow evening at 7:00 p.m. EDT.

Em said...

The only cure for Europe is more Europe, in my opinion. Hair of the dog, Al. Hair of the dog.

Allie said...

Courtney, & Mudnessa - Final Countdown is so much better if you picture Gob dancing!

Larramie - not missing at all! Don't worry! I'm posting on a one day time delay.

Em - I don't know, I'm skeptical of that method. :) Although, it's not like I can make it WORSE.