Thursday, August 18, 2011

Things that have happened - The Epic List Post

Wow, I've had blog back up syndrome.  There are too many things I've been meaning to blog about, but I haven't gotten around to blogging, because I feel like I need to address the things I should have posted about before I get to current stuff.  So here is an epic list post to catch you up.  With pictures.  Because pictures are good.

A few weeks ago, there was an airshow that seemed to happen directly over our house ALL weekend.

Stella was terrified.  Argo was curious.  Not about the planes.  He didn't notice them, even when the windows rattled and the ground shook.  Argo was curious as to why I was lying on my back with the camera in the back yard.

I made a video.

I went to an awesome book club that Steph the Bookworm organized! And had such a wonderful time chatting about STAY and other books we love!

I wrote a lot (no pictures).

STAY came out in paperback, and to celebrate, I did a reading at the Greece Barnes & Noble, and spent a lovely afternoon at the Syracuse University Bookstore Book Fair for the second time, signing books with David Klein and Joan Ford.

And got to visit with my favorite Bigfoot novelist.  After the fair, I had dinner with The Other 1/4, and no cars were lost.

I had a blast hanging out with dog lovers at a STAY signing and Bark-B-Q at A Barker's Dozen, and got to meet Lucky, who is a super sweet adoptable Giant Schnauzer mix.  Lucky will be listed with Going to the Dogs Rescue after he gets a little extra training from Tails of Success.

Last week, I went to Edison, New Jersey to shoot a segment for The Pet Stop on New Jersey 12!  The segment aired last weekend locally, and I'll be sure to post it here when it's up on YouTube later this month.

And I just got back from my second trip to New Jersey for an event at River Road Books.  More on that tomorrow!


Nicole said...

I am tired just reading this post! But I so know how you feel. I have been traveling a lot too and had no time to write. I can't stop though, I love blogging too much!

Heidi @ Decor & More said...

That video is just about the cutest thing EVER!! Epic List posts ROCK when life gets busy...thanks for sharing! ;-)

The Modern Gal said...

Lucky is adorable! And sounds like you've been super-busy :)