Friday, September 30, 2011

Enter to Win! Zogoflex Dog Toys from Good Things Green Things!

Have you heard of Zogoflex?  It's a dog toy material developed by WestPaw, and it's changed my life.  Virtually indestructible, and recyclable at the end of their very long lifecycle (in longevity terms, these are the tortoise of dog toys), Zogoflex toys are tough enough for my strong chewers, and that's saying something.  Stella is a master of destruction, and Argo loves to play, but they have yet to wear one of these toys out over years of use.

I have a review of the Zisc, WestPaw's Zogoflex frisbee, over at today.  And I'm thrilled to tell you that Andi from Good Things Green Things has donated a great collection of toys to the #DogKarma Prize pack.  

The toys in the prize pack:
About Andi and Good Things Green Things:
"We are an eco friendly gift shop committed to bringing you the healthiest, most eco friendly products for your family, pets and home. 
My first pregnancy inspired me to green up my routine and I began searching for healthy products to use on myself and in my home. I struggled to find products in my area that met my standards, and wondered if others were having the same problem. So I decided to start Good Things Green Things to offer healthy products for everyone, conveniently located in one place. 
We have a great selection of products that have natural and organic ingredients, are biodegradable or compostable, certified fair trade, handmade, sustainable, recyclable or made from recycled materials. Being a Minnesotan, we also have a great selection of products from Minnesota including, skin care, non toxic cleaning products, and our own line of GMO free soy candles. *All of our products are free of parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, petroleum and sulfates."
You can follow Andi on Facebook & Twitter, and sign up for the Good Things Green Things Newsletter!

This post is a part of the #DogKarma Prize Pack to encourage dog rescue!  But you don't need to rescue a dog to enter!  If you're not planning to adopt a rescue dog in the near future, you can still enter.  If you win, the Good Karma necklace is yours to keep, and we hope you'll donate the dog goods to your local rescue to help them with their amazing efforts to help dogs find forever homes.

To enter:
  • Leave a comment below telling me about your pet's favorite toy (if you don't have  a pet , tell me about your favorite).  
  • For an extra entry, post or tweet about a rescue dog in your area who needs a home, (use the hashtag #DogKarma) then come back and post a link to the entry.  A sample tweet is here



Anonymous said...

Lily's favorite toy is a grubby, glow-in-the-dark basketball that I found in a parking lot one day. We took it home and washed it, and Lily can't get enough. She shoves it with her snout, chases it across the yard, and barks at it when it goes too fast. But we don't let her play with it all the time; the ball lives on top of the fridge for special occasions.

The Wh0le Story said...

Rufus is a big fan of extra large plush toys - he loves when they're so big, he constantly trips over them while he's running. Right now, that happens to be a huge stuffed bunny.

Amanda Hevener said...

My cats love anything with catnip, especially if it's shaped like a mouse!

~Kristi~ said...

Lily's favorite toy... has to be a toss-up between the Kong (the one where you paw at it and food comes out) and anything you can throw/play tug-of-war with. She's a HUGE fan of ropes, especially if there's something squishy, squeaky, or bitey in the middle.

Kay said...

Emma's favorite toy was a stuffed cow that my husband brought home to her. She carried it to bed (her crate in my bedroom) every night, slept with it, took it room to room. One day while we were gone to a medical appointment, she ripped it open. Came home to stuffing everywhere. We've looked all over, I've searched the 'net, & we cannot find another of those stuffed cows.

Kay said...

Please go meet Josie, she's a sweet girl!!/KMondayMartinez/status/119815899854278656

Leslie said...

My dog's favorite toys are the plush toys especially if they have a squeaky in the middle!

Leslie said...!/lezlarina/status/119922969035276288 Elvis, Hound Mix, Bay Area. So Cute!

diannaray said...

Buddy is a master chewer and no toy lasts too long for him~ the only thing that's made it is the kong stuffed with PEANUT BUTTER! All other toys are reduced to bits, lol.

Kris said...

I'd guess the favorite of both dogs has got to be their Kongs (though I don't think of that as a "toy" so much as "10 minutes of quiet") stuffed with kibble, oats and peanut butter, then frozen solid. Aside from that, Nylabones, tennis balls and those skineez - at least until they kill the squeakers!

Nothing with stuffing!

Anonymous said...

A tweet!!/savvychristine/status/120501421564100608 Promoting Australian Cattle Dogs whenever I can....

Ali said...

Jimmy is crazy about tennis balls. Kylie loves her stuffies but since Jimmy came we cant have any out since he swallows the stuffing. They both eat their meals out of Premier Busy Buddy Kibble Nibble or Tug-A-Jug.