Friday, October 29, 2010

A few of Joe's Favorite Things . . .

Well, it's the last Friday in October, so here's the final prize addition - a big dog gift basket from Good Things Green Things, which is one of my favorite shops!

Here's the description:
This gift basket is perfect for your medium to large dog. We've packed up our favorite toy the Hurley from West Paw Design. It is super durable - survives lawnmowers & two years of chewing from a lab, and is completely recyclable. The Planet Dog Orbee Ball is recyclable & can be stuffed with treats. And we can't forget the treats! Handmade Molasses Explosion treats from Max & Ruffy's are organic & vegan.
And, okay, maybe you're all like, but I entered and I don't even have a dog! But here's a little secret, the Hurley may be one of the most indestructible dog toys ever (and I know, because my dogs DESTROY toys and there isn't even a dent on their Hurley), but it's also a fantastic foot massager. When Argo & Stella aren't paying attention, I may or may not steal it from them and put it under my desk so I can roll my feet around on it while I'm working . . .

Hey, don't look at me like that! They have plenty of toys! And Lady told me to use a tennis ball to work out the tight muscles in my feet, but we can't have tennis balls in this house, because Argo is like that dog in that really sappy Adam Sandler movie where Téa Leoni cried a lot, and once you even touch a tennis ball, you'll be playing fetch for the rest of your natural born days.

So, if you don't have a dog, you could always gift the basket to a friend who does, or a shelter, or, you know, massage your feet.

Anyway, the contest ends on Sunday - 10/31, and I'll announce the winner next week! Don't forget to enter! eReader versions of STAY totally count too!

And yes, I have had too much Halloween candy. . .

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